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We changed the payment method of our site. You can renew your subscription from "payment" tab at your profile page.

Is this legal?
Yes, it's legal. We only host anime that is not released or licensed in the United States ( where we are located ). By refusing to host already licensed anime we avoid any legal issues.

What is a direct download?
A direct download simply means you download the file straight through our server, not through a P2P program or non-standard protocol. It's as simply as clicking on a link, no confusing settings to configure, and no need to worry about firewalls ( almost all firewalls will allow web traffic. ). You don't need any special programs or configurations to use our service.

How much can I download?
As much as you want. We put absolutely no limits on the amount you can download. For your monthly payment of $9 you receive unlimited access to our servers.

How fast will my downloads be?
We currently operate 5 servers, and we are in the process of expanding our server base. The result of this massive network of servers is speed, blazing fast speed; unlike other sites that look for the cheapest way to host their files we look for the best hosts. We currently operate in 3 datacenters spread throughout the US. If our growth continues we have plans of opening servers in Europe and Asia.

How large are the files?
The file size ranges between 175MBs and 250MBs per file, but Movies, OVAs, and specials are sometimes a lot bigger. Movies are normally 1.5 Gigabytes.

Can I use a download manager / accelerator?
Yes. Our download system is compatible with download managers and accelerators. We recommend Internet Download Manager because it's adware and spyware free.

I'm on Dail-up, should I join?
It's up to you, please realize our files are massive and therefor will take hours to download through Dail-up, but you will have better luck using our service then trying to download via P2P programs. If you do use our service we recommend you use a download manger so you can resume your download if you get disconnected.

How much does it cost to Join?
You get unlimited access for $9/month. While you are a member you can download as much as you want. Doesn't seem like much if you realize that it's costing us thousands of dollars a month to run the site ^_^

How long from when I pay to when I can download?
When the payment is complete you will get instant access to our archive.

Why do you charge money? - Are you trying to make a profit?
Our goal is to provide the best service possible; profits are constantly being spent on new upgrades to our service. Your money will mostly be used to pay for bandwidth and the rest goes to other bills, such as: Server repairs, server administration, web design, and taxes. We are not trying to profit from fansubbing - that's not what fansubbing is about.

What format are the files in?
The majority of the files are in AVI format using DivX or XviD codecs. But, some of the newer series / episodes may use MP4 or MKV format.

What player should I use to watch the files?
We recommand VideoLan for playing the video files. Click here to go to the VideoLan website. This appilication is ad-free and free.

What language are the series in?
All our anime is in Japanse with English subtitles.

What's the quality of the subtitles?
Amazing. For most of the series the subtitles are large, crisp, and easy to ready. These aren't anything like those crap "Hong Kong Subs" you may have seen. Not only do the subtitles look nice, but they also make sense. The subtitlers have an extensive knowledge of English; reading their work is a real joy.

How often do you add new episodes?
We add new episodes everyday; to see what we've most recently added check our new addition page. Many series have episodes being added weekly. But we can't tell you an exact date of when a specify episode will be added; because we're dependant on the subbing groups. Some are quick, while other's are slower. But, you can rest assured that we will host it within hours of its release.

Can I request you add a series?
Yes. When you are a member you can request series.

What do I do if I have a problem?
If you ever have any problem please contact us we're here to help. But, please don't be rude to us, we're not here to be insulted.

If you have a question that's not answered here please contact us.